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1. Introduction
2. Superleggera vs standard Gallardo
3. Technical specifications
4. Production numbers
5. Vin and VIN decoder
6. Exterior colours
7. Interiour colours
8. Options list
9. Differences between US cars and Euro / RoW cars
10. Miscellaneous

1. Introduction

The Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera debuted on the Geneva Auto Show in March 2007. According to a Lamborghini press release published in February 2007, the Gallardo Superleggera is the sportiest, and most ‘purist’ Gallardo ever. Introduced as a lightweight version of the Gallardo, Superleggera is Italian for “super light”, the car is a direct competitor of the Porsche 997 GT3 and the Ferrari 430 Scuderia.

In Geneva, Lamborghini showed two Gallardo Superleggeras, one finished in Grigio Telesto and the other one finished in Arancio Borealis. The Grigio Telesto car was fitted with the high rear wing, while the Arancio Borealis car was shown with the low rear wing. Both cars were equipped with the European style bucket seats. Normal seatbelts for the Arancio Borealis car, the Grigio Telesto car was equipped with the 4-point harnesses. Both cars lacked the multi media system.
Unfortunately, no VINs are known of the two show cars.

VIN unknownby Lambocars
VIN unknownby Lambocars
VIN unknownby Lambocars
VIN unknownby Lambocars

The Superleggera is powered by Lamborghini’s well-known 4,961 cm3 V10. The output is 530 hp, 10 hp more than the standard Gallardo engine. The increase in power is made possible by the engine’s improved volumetric efficiency through reduced intake load losses and by exhaust backpressures, together with optimized electronic control.

Using advanced materials and technologies, the Lamborghini engineers were able to reduce the weight of the Superleggera by another 100 kg (USA 70kg).

In 2007, the Base Vehicle Price in the USA was USD 219,800. In 2008 the Base Vehicle Price was USD 225,040.

2. Superleggera vs standard Gallardo

We already mentioned that Lamborghini used advanced materials to reduce weight. Lightweight parts were specially designed for the Superleggera. Later, some of these parts were an option for the standard Gallardo. Below a list of exterior and interior parts that debuted on the Superleggera and difference from the standard Gallardo:

Exterior differences:

- Engine bonnet in visible carbon fiber and transparant polycarbonate showing the magnificent V10 engine.
- Tickness reduction of the front windscreen.
- Rear side windows and rear window in polycarbonate.
- Rear spoiler in carbon fiber.
- Rear view mirrors in carbon fiber, which are manually foldable.
- Rear diffuser and underbody covering in carbon fiber.
- Side skirts in carbon fiber.
- New designed forged Speedline “Scorpius” lightweight rims, Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres.
- Lightweight exhaust and pipes.

05239Engine bonnet
06639Side window
05743Rear window
06548High rear wing
07032Low rear wing
06853 Rear view mirror
06868 Rear view mirror
06871 Side skirt
06742 Diffuser
06665 Lightweight rims
06584 Exhaust pipe

Interior differences:

- Sparco sport seats in carbon fiber upholstered in Alcantra. USA cars are equipped with the standard Gallardo seats, also
  upholstered in Alcantara.
- Door panels and central tunnel’s covering in carbon fiber.
- Upper and lower dashboard trimmed in black Alcantara.
- A, B, and C pillars trimmed in black Alcantara.
- Headliner trimmed in black Alcantara.
- Suede leather steering wheel.
- Kick plate “Superleggera”.
- Floor mats “Superleggera”.

05458European seats
06058USA seats
06801Door panels
06686Central tunnel
06523Alcantara dash
06835A pillar Alcantara
06668B pillar Alcantara
06603Steering wheel
06535Kick plate
06584 Floor mats

Further, Lamborghini engineers completely revised the engine ECU including the adoption of a new lightweight exhaust system and a new throttle body, in order to obtain more power and quicker response to the accelerator.

In a thread on, user Vet_Lars compared the part numbers of the standard Gallardo with the Gallardo Superleggera. This research shows that the following drivetrain parts are unique for the Superleggera:
- Front differential housing cast in magnesium.
- Front driveshaft, lightened.
- Propeller shaft, lightened.
- Front uprights.

Finally,  the engine air intake boxes are also unique to the Superleggera.

3. Technical specifications

The entire aluminium space frame and body parts for the Gallardo were built by German industrial conglomerate ThyssenKrupp AG at the company’s Neckarsulm facility. The strcuture only weighs 239 kg, including doors and lids.

The Superleggera is powered by a 4,961 cm3, V10 engine with dry-sump lubrication, producing 530 hp. The engine is built at VAG Cosworth Technology (now MAHLE Powertrain). Final assembly takes place in Györ.

Both engines and bodies are shipped to the Lamborghini factory in Sant’Agata Bolgnese for assembly.

4. Production numbers

The introduction of the Gallardo Superleggera was announced by Lamborghini in a press release issued on February 26, 2007. On March 28, 2008 Lamborghini reported that the production of the Superleggera would end.
In a 2010 press release, Lamborghini stated that “618 Gallardo Superleggeras were produced and sold in just one year.”

Based on Lamborghini press releases, this website assumes that 618 units were produced.

Production breakdown by market:

Production for Europe: 258 units.*
Production for rest of the world: 188 units.*
Production for US: 172 units.* Note: Various sources refer to this number as the total production run. This is not correct.

* Unofficial sources

5. VIN and VIN decoder

You can find the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on three places in the car:
- The lower left corner of the front window.
- On the floor in front of the right hand bulkhead there is a slot cut into the carpet. Lift the carpet and you find the VIN stamped into the floor.
- Manufacturer ID plate in the engine bay.

Note that US cars also have a VIN plate in the driver’s door.

06969Front window
06568VIN in floor
06568VIN in floor
07025Plate in engine bay
06012Plate in engine bay
06698Driver's door

You can use the VIN decoder below to find more information about a VIN . A Gallardo Superleggera VIN consists of 17 digits in total, the last 5 digits are the chassis/serial number of the car.

Example American car: ZHWGU43T48LA06341
Position 1: Z = Europe
Position 2: H = Italy
Position 3: W = Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.
Position 4: G = Gallardo
Position 5: U = USA*
Position 6: 4 = Superleggera
Position 7: 3 = 530HP V10
Position 8: T = T or N. T= e-Gear Low Ratio, N= Manual 6sp (low/short ratio)**
Position 9: 4 = USA check digit, must be digits 0-9 or letter X
Position 10: 8 = Model year, 8 = 2008
Position 11: L = Plant: Sant'Agata Bolognese - Bologna, Italy
Position 12: A = Serial number prefix "A" (legacy value)
Position 13 - 17: 06341 = Production number

Example European and Rest of the World car: ZHWGE43NX8LA05113
Position 1: Z = Europe
Position 2: H = Italy
Position 3: W = Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.
Position 4: G = Gallardo
Position 5: E = Europe / Rest of the World (RoW)*
Position 6: 4 = Superleggera
Position 7: 3 = 530HP V10
Position 8: N = T or N. T= e-Gear Low Ratio, N= Manual 6sp (low/short ratio)**
Position 9: 4 = USA check digit, must be digits 0-9 or letter X
Position 10: 8 = Model year, 8 = 2008
Position 11: L = Plant: Sant'Agata Bolognese - Bologna, Italy
Position 12: A = Serial number prefix "A" (legacy value)
Position 13 - 17: 05113 = Production number

* Note that Gallardo Superleggera VINs only use C, E or U for the fifth digit. Where C = Canada, E = Europe / Rest of the World and U refers to the USA.
** Position 8 can be either N or T; where N is for manual transmission and T for e-Gear transmission.

6. Exterior colours

Initially, four colours were available for the Superleggera:
Arancio Borealis, Giallo Midas, Grigio Telesto and Nero Noctis.
In the last production month of the Superleggera, Lamborghini decided to add Bianco Monocerus to the colour spectrum.

As you can see on the pictures below, the “Superleggera” side decals in black for Arancio Borealis, Giallo Midas, Grigio Telesto and Bianco Monocerus cars. On cars finished in Nero Noctis, the decal is grey coloured.

All cars are originally equiped with brake calipers in black.

06044Arancio Borealis
06548Giallo Midas
05589Grigio Telesto
06866Nero Noctis
06888Bianco Monocerus

A paint code sticker can be found on the inside of the front bonnet on the right side (seen from the driver's position). For unknown reasons and on very few occassions, the colour in which the car is finished is hand written on the paint code sticker.

06535Paint sticker
06950Paint sticker
06835Hand written

7. Interior colours

All Superleggeras have a black Alcantara upholstery on the dashboard, seats, headliner and A, B, and C pillars.
Dashboard and seats stitching, the seat’s, floor mats’, headliner’s “hexagon trim”, and the seat’s “Superleggera” embroidery all depends on the exterior colour:
- Arancio Borealis: Hexagon trim, stitching and “Superleggera” embroidery in Arancio Leonis.
- Giallo Midas: Hexagon trim, stitching and “Superleggera” embroidery in Giallo Taurus.
- Grigio Telesto: Hexagon trim in Grigio, stitching and “Superleggera” embroidery in Grigio Phoenix.
- Nero Noctis: Hexagon trim in Grigio Starlight, stitching in Nero Perseus and “Superleggera” embroidery in Grigio Phoenix.
- Bianco Monocerus: Hexagon trim in white (exact colour unknown), stitching in grey (exact colour unknown), “Superleggera” embroidery in white (exact colour unknown).

06450Seat stitching
06457Dshboard stitching

8. Options list

You can find the Gallardo Superleggera option list below. Please be aware that not every option is available for every market.

Standard contents include:
- E-gear
- Specific Superleggera Sport setup
- Lifting system
- Board computer including lap timer function
- Steel brakes
- Low rear wing
- Superleggera car cover

07074E-gear down lever
07074E-gear up lever
07074E-gear mode
06888Board computer
06522Car cover

No cost options:
- Manual gearbox
- Tools set
- Tyre repair kit

06015Manual gearbox
05589Tools set

Options list:
- Superleggera rear wing (high rear wing); USD 5,850
- Carbon Ceramic Brakes USD; 15,600
- Anti theft system; USD 665
- Homelink; USD 360
- Multimedia system, navigation system and blue tooth; USD 3,250
- Rear view camera; USD 2,600
- Fire Extinguisher; USD 650
- Steering wheel in perforated leather; USD 650
- 4-point harnesses (not for the USA market)
- Roll-over bar (not for the USA market)
- Interior Carbon Package "Superleggera" (Carbon fiber parts on steering wheel, dashboard, centre console + parking brake and centre gauges); USD 3,630

06258High rear wing
07025Low rear wing
06868Steel brakes
06306Multi media system
05589Radio delete
05443Rear view camera
06548Fire Extinguisher
07108Perforated leather
06535Suede leather
069514-point harnesses
06853Roll-over bar
06950Int Carbon Package
06600Standard int trim
06876Int Carbon Package
06951Standard int trim
06047Int Carbon Package
05830Standard int trim
05922Int Carbon Package
05743Standard int trim

9. Differences between US cars and European / RoW cars

Because of USA regulations, some differences between USA and European / RoW cars do exist.

- USA seats differs from European / RoW seats:

06058USA seats
05458European seats

- USA E-gear cars have a gear indicator on the dashboard:

06876Gear indicator
05743No gear indicator

- Further, 4-point harnesses and the Roll-over bar are not allowed in the USA. See options list.

10. Miscellaneous

- Superleggera and Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera s.r.l.
Some sources on the internet rumours that Lamborghini doesnot use the name “Superleggera” anymore because of legal issues with Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera s.r.l., an Italian coach building company located near Milan. This website doesnot have an official statement from the factory that confirms these rumours.

Since 2011, Lamborghini has used the name “Performante” for their leightweight editions, starting with the Gallardo LP 570-4 Spyder Performante. In 2017, the Lamborghini Huracán Performante was introduced to the public.

- Pink Gallardo Superleggera
In July 2007, pictures and videos of a Superleggera finished in pink were published on the internet. The car was spotted in London on English registration plates “QTR I490”. It is not sure if the car carries a pink wrap, or that the car has left the factory with a one off colour.

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